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"Life is all about finding the right Balance"


Be it the Human Body, Vastu or Numerology-Everything is about creating a balance. So come and join me to find the right balance-"The Essence of Life", through energy which is omnipresent. Shraddha Jaiswal

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Not only will I help you find your way but I can help you find your soul and bring balance into your life. This will allow you to find a greater sense of peace and harmony. I also can help you discover your life purpose and goals. 

I help you to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can better understand yourself. Whether you are looking to improve your life, or you are looking for a new outlook, I can help you find a new sense of spirituality and motivate you in all aspects of your life.


Mind Power Trainer

Connect with your subconscious mind and unlock its ability to solve problems and gain control over thoughts, which distracts you from your goals.


Reiki Grandmaster

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. Keep your natural energy at a balance and activate it to flow continuously through your body by removing all the blockages


Vastu Expert

Vastu is all about getting in tune with nature and finding the right balance between the five elements and eight directions


Tarot Card Reader

Gain insights into past, present and future. Ask a question and hear the answers from the cards.


Crystal Healer

Discover the power of Crystals and use them to improve every aspect of your life, be it for healing, money attraction, winning over situations or strengthening relationships.


Lama Fera Master

Lama Fera Healing is a highly effective and speedy energy healing method. It is a one-of-a-kind therapy that cleanses the body's energy flow system



Numerology is the study of numbers that can be associated with specific traits and can assist you in determining your unique abilities, potential, strength, & shortcomings.


Pranic Healer

Pranic Healing is a well-researched and tried approach to energy treatment that uses prana to harmonise, balance, and modify the body's energy functions.


Learn more About my Vision

My vision which I have poured my heart, time, and energy into, is to help people achieve their best selves. Guiding someone to hear the voice of one’s inner self and fulfill their right purpose, takes me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams.

I am here to

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Healing & Crystal Guidance

Healing helps you in all aspects of your life and crystals facilitate the purpose. Amplify your energetic balance and see the results for yourself.

Vastu Consultancy

Vastu is concerned with positioning and directional rules that generate positive energy and prosperity.

Personalised Reading

Experience great abundance and answers to your questions with your own specialised personal reading through numerology, Angel Cards and Tarot...


Professional guidance and assistance can help you root out the problems which can resolve unidentified complications.

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions


Here's what people have been saying about my various services and teachings...


Mona Parnerkar

My consultation call with her was regarding my son and all her predictions were true!
10/10 Recommendation


Shanti Agrahari

Shraddha has an amazing knowledge about crystals and knows exactly how to guide someone who needs help. The vibrations of Crystals charged by her are amazing.


Shikha Chopra

Shraddha helped me heal through the most difficult phase of my life and also helped me regain my self-confidence. Her sessions have made me an emotionally stronger woman.

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